Call for Papers


  1. The advent of the “anthropocene” (Paul Crutzen, 2000), or “Ecoumène” (Christian Grataloup), Anthropozoïque (Stoppani, 1873), Noosphère (de Chardin, 1922, Vernadsky, 1936), Érémozoïque (Wilson, 1992), Anthrocène (Revkin, 1992), etc.:

– Is it be the final stage in a story that emphasizes the central role of mankind in geology and ecology, or a sequence of destructions which started with prehistoric hunter-gatherers and led to the current climate change ?

– Is it alternatively a belated awareness resulting from these developments?

– Do we experience a partial deviation from Nicolaus Copernicus’s break in the 16th century, which moved the Earth from its privileged position at the centre of the universe and made people peripheral?

– Does the overlapping of nature and culture (Philippe Descola) as autonomous concepts in conventional studies bring about a “paradigm shift” which excludes single, disciplinary approaches and requires a transdisciplinary method to address complex systems and implement holistic strategies?

– As a consequence, the crisis of humanities may need some reconciliation with hard sciences within a complex, global model of knowledge.

– The enduring cultural factors derived from family structures (Peter Laslett, Emmanuel Todd) puts into perspective the universal nature of mankind and the collective management of the world.

– Can the imperative of economic development be reconciled with the need to limit climate change? The imperative of growth, the increase of inequalities (Thomas Piketty) and conflicting cultural views as global political deadlocks.

– Are we heading to the final collapse of civilisation (Jared diamond) caused by the ongoing “ecocide”?


  1. Decolonizing the Academy: Call for Articles

Thematic issue on the topic “Decolonizing the Academy”, late 2020.

We are looking for articles, papers, and texts that can illuminate the topic. Please send you proposal (a short sketch is enough) to

Final deadline for finished texts: October 15th, 2020.

Total word count for complete text: 5.000–10.000 words (special agreements can be made)

Language: English (US or UK standards) or French.

Formatting: Chicago Style. See info on submissions – “author guidelines”.