Call for Papers


Cosmopolis is looking for articles, papers, and documents that can illuminate the following topics. Please send you proposals (a short sketch is enough) to the editor (


Total word count for complete text: 5.000–10.000 words (special agreements can be made).


Language: English (US or UK standards) or French. Possibly Spanish.


Formatting: Chicago Style. See info on submissions in “author guidelines” on the website.


Suggested topics:


  • The advent of the Anthropocene and its consequences
  • The overlapping of nature and culture as autonomous concepts, if not distinct realities.
  • The paradigm shift in disciplinary or transdisciplinary approaches
  • The enduring cultural factors V. the universal nature of mankind in the global management of world issues
  • Economic constrains of development v. the need to limit climate change
  • Green Growth vs Degrowth
  • The imperative of growth, the increase of inequalities and conflicting cultural views as global political deadlocks
  • The future of mankind v. the final collapse of civilisation
  • New concepts: ecocide, 6th extinction, co-extinction and survival of the ecosystem
  • Deconstruction and decolonizing the Academy
  • Universalism and patriarchy in history – where is the universal?



  • Resilience of states, return of empires
  • Democracy, autocracy and plutocracy: sources and traditions
  • Individual and collective rights in different cultures
  • Growth vs. degrowth, which paradigm?
  • Increasing inequalities and contradictory cultural visions as global political impasses
  • The future of humanity or the collapse of civilisations
  • Ecocide and new concepts in international law