Cosmopolis provides every six months a high profile outlet for interdisciplinary scholarship and public debate on the complex interactions among the various categories of actors in international relations. Its aim is to critically address the action and views of global and local actors involved with the range of universal aspirations and local diversity. It revisits the cosmopolitan idea, among resilient states and interstate organizations confronted with the expansion of transnational networks and a reversion to tradition and communal identities.
Beyond the concepts of “international democracy” and “transnational relations”, Cosmopolis explores in building a global public space in a closed world with porous borders, where states, nations, communities, transnational networks and individuals are confronted with a changing environment, the status of individual and collective rights, legal norms and moral values, the nature of power and the very survival of humankind.

Cosmopolis is supported by an international Editorial Board. It publishes scholarly papers from many fields, favouring interdisciplinary methodologies to approach the intricate and complex patterns and tensions underlying the quest for an emerging world ordering. They include invited and peer-reviewed papers, theoretical and empirical articles, research and analysis papers, book reviews, opinions and controversies, reports and documents.
Manuscripts are invited for submission in English, in French or in Spanish. Article length is between 5,000-10,000 words, inclusive of all notes and references. Submissions of shorter texts are also invited for publication in the “Debate” or “Comments” sections.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Paul GHILS – Biography
cosmopolis.rev [@] gmail.com

Former Editor
Transnational Associations, UIA, Brussels

ISSN: 2030-028X