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Professor Emeritus, Marketing Department, Ecole des hautes études commerciales (HEC), Paris. His research has been devoted to the development of an institutional approach to management based on the notions of "system of legitimacy". Its purpose was to articulate in a rigorous manner marketing, management, law, social sciences and philosophy. This approach has been developed in time through many publications, articles and books as well as the organization of conferences and seminars in the fields of management, social sciences and philosophy. His publications include: (with C. Paradeise) Marketing Democracy: Public opinion and Media Formation in Democratic Societies, New Brunswick, Transaction Books, 1989; “Crisis Management and Legitimacy: Facing Symbolic Disorders”, in C.M. Pearson, C. Roux-Dufort & J.A. Claire (Eds.), International Handbook of Organisational Crisis Management, Thousand Oaks (CA), Sage Publications, 2007; (Co-edited with A. David and A. Hatchuel) New Foundations of Management Research, Paris, Presse de l’Ecole des Mines, 2013.